Review: ThanksKilling

The killer turkey in 'ThanksKilling'. Courtesy In Broad Daylight Films.

The killer turkey in 'ThanksKilling'. Courtesy In Broad Daylight Films.

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving. What better way to celebrate than with a movie about a possessed killer turkey who says things like ‘Nice tits, bitch!’ before he murders his victims. Sound bad? It is. But it’s also cheesy fun that is much more enjoyable than your average B-movie (and would probably rock with a midnight crowd after having a few drinks).

The film follows a stereotypical group of college kids (there’s the jock, the bimbo, the fat guy who thinks he’s funny, the sheriff’s daughter, and the nerd) heading home for Thanksgiving break. Along the way their car breaks down and they have to camp out in the woods. The nerd tells the story of the murderous turkey and then… well the murderous turkey shows up and starts to kill them off.

Let’s explain this turkey a bit. It’s been around for over 500 years. It talks. It drives. It uses everything from knives, axes, and shotguns to kill people. Most people seem oblivious that it’s a turkey when they are talking to it. It also uses some great one-liners that would put Freddy Krueger to shame (after having sex with one of his victims he tells her she ‘just got stuffed.’ Another classic is actually used as the tagline for the movie: ‘Gobble, gobble, motherfucker.’).

In all honesty, I didn’t expect much from a movie called ThanksKilling. And when it comes to the acting, directing, or writing, it is quite amateur (the special effects deserve some credit as they were well done — especially the puppet turkey). That said, if you enjoy absurd movies (Troma’s Poultrygeist and Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles come to mind) give ThanksKilling a chance and you might find a new underground classic.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Cast: Lindsey Anderson, Lance Predmore, Ryan E. Francis, Aaron Ringhiser-Carlson
Directed by: Jordan Downey
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