Netflix Diaries: ‘A Bunch of Munsch’ and ‘WordWorld’

Netflix Diaries

Netflix Diaries is a weekly feature on Criticize This! that looks at what we’re watching via Netflix Canada, and our ongoing experience with the service. This feature is not sponsored or endorsed by Netflix Canada in any matter.

Like last week, this week saw me struggling to find downtime to watch anything other than what I needed to watch. But that didn’t stop my son from using up my bandwidth with new kid shows on Netflix. Two in particular we both found interesting were A Bunch of Munsch and WordWorld.

A Bunch of Munsch is a seven-episode cartoon series from 1992 based on the works of Canadian children’s author Robert Munsch. Besides The Paper Bag Princess, which gets its own episode, each 23-minute part features two Munsch stories loosely adapted to fill the time. Some work better others, such as Moira’s Birthday / Blackberry Subway Jam and Thomas’ Snowsuit / 50 Below Zero, while a few are downright annoying (the Mortimer / Something Good episode is a complete disappointment). The animation is typical for Canadian produced shows from the early ‘90s, and the voice cast and timing are quite bad. My son watched the entire series throughout the week and enjoyed it all, but second viewings were not as embraced and I can’t imagine it being requested by him again. Other episodes include David’s Father / Pigs, The Boy in the Drawer / Murmel Murmel Murmel, and The Fire Station / Angela’s Airplane. The show streams in standard-defintion and I had no issues with it.

WordWorld is an educational PBS show that is aimed at helping children read. The characters and certain objects are designed by their names (Duck is made out of the letters D-U-C-K, Dog is D-O-G, the slide in the playground is S-L-I-D-E, etc.) and each episode revolves around the characters searching for letters to build a certain word. The show is quite a cool concept, and the computer-generated animation is slick and colourful to watch. And while it is educational, it is also a ton of fun (even for adults). There’s three seasons available in HD on Netflix, and each episode I’ve played has streamed perfectly with no hiccups or issues.

Some recent titles on Netflix Canada we’ve noticed this week include Our Family Wedding (2010, HD), Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010, HD), Appaloosa (2008, HD), and Pride and Glory (2007, SD).

What are you watching on Netflix Canada? Let us know in the comments below and we might include it in an upcoming Netflix Diaries piece.

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