Audio Interview: Filmmaker Justin McConnell talks ‘The Collapsed’

A scene from 'The Collapsed'.

The Collapsed is a post-apocalyptic thriller about a family trying to survive in the days after everyone has been wiped out and the few that remain have turned violent. Made on a very low-budget, the film is extremely captivating and succeeds at being a hair-raising chiller. If you enjoy films like The Crazies and The Road, or the AMC show The Walking Dead, then The Collapsed is a must-see.

Criticize This! recently spoke with Justin McConnell, director and co-writer of The Collapsed. We discussed how the idea for the film came to be, how difficult it was shooting a post-apocalyptic movie on a shoestring budget, and what his upcoming documentary Skull World is all about. Listen to our audio interview below (9:02 in length) or download it via iTunes.

The Collapsed opens in Toronto on May 27, Calgary on June 3, and Hamilton on June 7. For more info on the film, visit

Top image: A scene from The Collapsed.

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