Seven filmmakers exhibit their version of the Seven Deadly Sins in new series

In Short 'Greed'

Seven Canadian filmmakers will showcase their vision of the seven deadly sins in two-minute shorts that will precede a special new series on Bravo! The hour-long series, entitled In Short and hosted by film critic Richard Crouse, will premiere May 4 at 10 p.m. ET and will feature Canadian short films over eight consecutive weeks.

The shorts were all produced with funds awarded by CTV’s Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), and the program will be the only Canadian TV platform for most of them.

The filmmakers and their ‘sin shorts’ subjects are:

Joe Cobden filmed actors reacting to themselves looking into a mirror during auditions as an examination of PRIDE.

Bruce Macdonald explores the ENVY of a frustrated architect.

Anita Doron wittily interprets LUST via imaginary dialogues between the subjects of art works of iconic lovers such as Adam and Eve and Romeo and Juliet.

Jamie Travis examines GREED through a short musical about lovers fighting over a bagel.

Larry Weinstein goes Old Testament on the sin of WRATH, editing footage of silent-film-era Biblical tales into a humorously blues-soundtracked and captioned depiction of the rage of God.

Alethea Baril Arnaquq created a witty animated story about SLOTH which touches upon the digital divide between generations and stereotypes.

Ann Marie Fleming created an animated tale of GLUTTONY in the context of food-substituting-for-love at the family dinner.

A special site will be launched in tandem with the series that invites ‘Sin’ fans to share and cast votes on the best tales and anecdotes about forgiveness, shame, and sinful behaviour at The online hub was initiated by award-winning docmedia producer Amit Breuer, an award-winning documentary producer/director. Her recent film, Guantanamo Trap, a Canada/Germany/Switzerland theatrical feature documentary, premiered at Hot Docs 2011.

Top image: A scene from Jamie Travis’ Greed. Courtesy Bravo!

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