Good music videos still exist! Episode 8

With 2012 coming to an end, take a look at four recent music videos released for songs from the past year.

Flying Lotus has emerged as one of the top names in electronic music recently, thanks to a bevy of great live shows and the release of his excellent second full length, When the Quiet Comes. Elijah Wood, particularly sentient household objects and beautiful colours star in the new video for ‘Tiny Tortures’, check it out below.

Earl Sweatshirt, of the headline nabbing OFWGKTA, is back from wherever it was he went to, and new track ‘Chum’ shows his flow still justifies the hype which surrounds his name in many circles. Add that flow to thoughtful, tight production of both the song and its music video and the result is something that should have you looking forward to more.

Hot Chip has hit several notes and genres over the past decade, this year’s In Our Heads being a highlight. One of many strong points of that album, ‘Don’t Deny Your Heart’ should have you dancing, and the video should, um…

Vancouver’s own A.C. Newman, who you may know from The New Pornographers, has a new album out dubbed Shut Down the Streets on Matador. Newman’s sound has always been more subdued and personal than that of the Pornos, and that holds true for new single ‘I’m not Talking’, check out the video below.

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