Good Music Videos are Everywhere – May 20, 2013

Why not spend some of your Victoria Day watching some good new music videos? Here are five videos that span the globe and genres, enjoy!

Germany’s Stefan Kozalla, better known as DJ Koze has been making dynamic techno for more than a decade, but this year’s stellar LP, Amygdala has finally brought him some real notoriety. The video for ‘Nices Wölkchen’ is just as oddly mesmerizing as the song and the album it comes from.

Vancouver dream-pop outfit Young Galaxy released a strong fourth LP last month, titled Ultramarine. One of the highlights from that full length is ‘Fall For You’, check out the video, which is full of kitschy CGI, below.

Another Canadian artist churning out good tunes is Dirty Beaches, stage name of Taiwanese born but Montreal based Alex Zhang Hungtai. Dirty Beaches‘ fifth LP dropped this month and is full of dark yet dancable tracks that sound like the spirit of Elvis and Roy Orbison fused with that of Ian Curtis.

Check out the cinematic oddity that is the video for ‘Casino Lisboa’.

Have you heard of that place called Canada? It’s got a lot of talented people in it, eh? Some of them are in the shoegaze band No Joy, whose sophomore album was featured on Criticize This! last month.

Check out the video for one of the album’s many good songs, ‘Hare Tarot Lies’.

As I wrote about just two days ago, Wild Nothing‘s latest EP is great. Even the album art is pretty quality, the painting, done by Eric Shaw, has some strong Kandinsky vibes. The video for the EP’s first song, ‘A Dancing Shell’, puts that look in motion.

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