Blu-ray Review: The Demented

A scene from The Demented. Courtesy Anchor Bay.

The zombie movie is a well worn genre, so when a new spin gets presented, it’s usually going to be fine if it’s well executed and doesn’t insult the intelligence of those watching the film. The Demented takes the story of a rogue terrorist attack on the gulf coast where the infected become rage zombies and although this film borrows from better ones before it, it still screws it up.

Six college friends head out for a weekend at a Louisiana bayou estate for some relaxation and fun in the sun. Then a group of rogue terrorists launch a missile attack on the Gulf Coast and a new kind of horror is unleashed. Now a biological weapon has infected the entire region with a rabies like virus that turns the town’s population into fast-moving, rage fueled, flesh chomping hordes. The area is quarantined, the madness is spreading and the carnage is spiraling out of control. For six friends trapped in a nightmare of insane, how far will they be forced to go in order to survive?

I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a film that brought up such a myriad of plot points only to completely abandon them anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes later in the film. The film starts off with an easy enough premise that shouldn’t be too hard to screw up, but when additional and completely unnecessary twists and turns get thrown into the mix it just goes totally off the rails. Any kind of logic gets thrown out, along with what little character development we had in the first place, and while I will admit that in spite of some of the terrible set pieces, poor editing choices and corny dialogue, it still moves us through the zombie movie passably well…that is until the most nonsensical attempt at being subversive ending tries to swerve us, but just ends up looking terribly stupid.

The ensemble cast may have some semi-familiar faces from films like I Spit on Your Grave and shows like The Vampire Diaries, but in all seriousness they only had to look good in their swimsuits and make-out with one another, because this script really did them no favours at all.

The Demented was essentially a bulletproof premise. It wasn’t rocket science, you just have to follow the basic zombie movie tropes and take the narrative from point A to Point B, but this movie is so scatterbrained that it lands somewhere off the map entirely.

The Demented has no special features.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ 

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