TAD 2013 Review: Eega


Bug Night at the Toronto After Dark film festival brought some pretty unique treats from the other side of the planet. Eega is a Tollywood action, fantasy, romance unlike any other that has been seen in North America in quite some time.

Eega is a dark and unlikely tale of a man who gets murdered by a jealous romantic rival only to be reincarnated as a common housefly. As a fly he soon sets out to enact elaborate and brutal revenge on the man that killed him.

Tollywood films refer to an area of Calcutta where some of these studios are located and have been known for producing some of the more critically acclaimed films that India has ever seen.

To put it simply, Eega is one of the more innovative action romps that this critic has seen in quite some time. If you can get past the culture shock of some over-the-top romantic tropes and occasional musical numbers, this is a no nonsense ridiculous fantasy adventure that works exceptionally well.

Writer/director S S Rajamouli plays it all at a frenetic breakneck speed and keeps a wonderful balance between all the elements that he is juggling in play. It looks great and with some solid visual animation it never drags after the first act and the crux of the film is set up.

Eega won’t be for everyone as there will be some cultural barriers and things that just won’t translate, but it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Rating: **** (out of 5 stars)

Dave Voigt

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