TAD 2013 Review: Stalled

“Zombie Night” is a Toronto After Dark staple throughout its 8 year history. Sadly, Stalled breaks their stellar quality record as it falls flat like a pancake as it doesn’t deliver on a single promise that it makes.

The story takes us to a down on his luck janitor (Dan Palmer) who gets trapped in the women’s washroom during an office Christmas party. What starts out as a little good natured peeping (albeit pretty creepy) ends up quickly devolving into a zombie apocalypse and the end of the world.

To put it as simple as possible, Stalled… stinks. Director Christian James unfolds it all in such a basic and banal fashion that we are looking at our watches 15 minutes into a movie that is only 84 minutes long. It might have made for an entertaining short film, but it drags at every single turn as a feature.

Dan Palmer’s script was tired and unfunny as it milked the scenario dry for jokes that weren’t even funny to begin with and in every aspect it just took far too long to do anything and it was just incredibly poor storytelling as we lose interest far too soon in everything that happens.

I acknowledge that a film like this may have an audience somewhere, but with poorly drawn out characters, dull jokes and mediocre visual effects the only positive thing I can say about Stalled is that I don’t ever have to see it again.

Rating: 0 (out of 5 stars)

Dave Voigt

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